About Us

The World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) is an international esports tournament which was founded by Alisports based in Shanghai, China. Started at 2016, WESG builds on the philosophy of allowing players to play in a competition where they would feel a sense of pride in representing their country while competing in the game they love.

What makes WESG stands out is the fact that the tournament requires competing teams to be composed of players from the same nation. This provides the players a channel to join hands and compete for something larger than any individual alone; to play under their national colour and bring pride to the nation’s flag.

The tournament was inspired from traditional Olympics, a sporting event where the best athletes across the world would compete against one another to bring honour for their country. Alisports has the same vision and aims to incorporate a similar atmosphere for players while they compete at WESG. Ultimately, Alisports hopes that one day, esports will be officially recognized at traditional sporting events and be included at the Olympics itself.

While WESG understands that most professional gaming teams do not reside from the same nation, the organization believes that an international esports event based off nations will build patriotism, sportsmanship and fair play among gamers worldwide. Playing for your country is always a dream & WESG aims to make that dream a reality for gamers everywhere.

Similar to the Olympics, WESG believes each country must be well represented in an international event as it provides the audience and competitors a chance to experience different cultures & start to erase discrimination of any kind, creating a truly worldwide phenomenon.