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SEA’s Top Esports Players Compete for USD 75,000 Prize Pool in WESG SEA at Quill City Mall this December

POSTED BY admin November 14, 2018


Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA – After a few months of competition, the stage is set for the World Electronic Sports Games Southeast Asian (WESG S.E.A.) regional finals that will happen from 13th to 16th December 2018.

From an original contestant pool of over 2000 participants, the top players of 7 different game categories from 10 countries will converge at Quill City Mall (Kuala Lumpur) to compete for a slice of a prize pool worth USD 75,000. The top 4 from each category will also qualify for the WESG International tournament set to happen early next year in China.

As a breakaway from last year’s format, instead of all countries in the Asia Pacific region competing in an APAC qualifier, 10 countries within SEA now take part in a WESG SEA qualifier which funnels into the Global Finals. WESG SEA organizers Agri Mind hope to grow both the tournament and the overall esports scene, by deploying a more focused approach towards the planning and organization of all events within the ecosystem.

In the recent Malaysia national finals, Chairman of Agri Mind Calvin Lau expressed that he sees much potential amongst the grassroots and wishes to develop the industry further hand in hand with relevant government bodies in Malaysia & Southeast Asia.

Apart from last year’s games titles DOTA 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone and Starcraft II, mobile game Vainglory has been added to the list of competitive titles. WESG recognizes the rise in popularity of mobile gaming and hopes to galvanize the community through this addition.


Statement from Calvin Lau, Chairman of Agri Mind:

“Since the early days of esports, tournament organizers have played a big role in both attracting competitors and rallying the fans. Although new to the scene, mobile gaming has managed to attract a huge following, especially in Asia – I believe this is because of the leaps in smartphone graphics, performance and accessibility.

It looks like the ‘PC Master race’ has a new rival, which may lead to some changes in the way that esports is played competitively. This opens up many doors for us in terms of creating more value in the esports ecosystem for everyone, which has always been our end goal.”

Agri Mind acknowledges that every party has a role in fulfilling the vision of establishing Malaysia as the regional esports hub of Southeast Asia, and that tournament organizers need to adhere to certain standards or expectations, especially for a tournament which involves teams from all over the region. There have been several instances of negative publicity marring the local esports scene and organizers should perform the required due diligence.

If you have been following the broadcasts, the national finals in Malaysia was a precursor to what you can expect from the WESG SEA Final this coming December.

Fans can expect some exciting games as teams such as last year’s DOTA 2 champion TNC and FrostFire CSGO will be competing to secure a spot in the WESG International finals and a chunk of the prize pool!

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