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Singapore | WESG SEA National Qualifier Finals 2018

POSTED BY admin September 15, 2018

Singapore crowned its National Champions during September 8th-9th, at the Esports Arena of Hall F of GGxP (Good Game Experience), STGCC (Singapore’s Toy, Game, & Comic Convention) in partnership with SCOGA (Singapore Cybersports & Online Gaming Association). The arena featured four sections including the main stage, substage 2 and 3, and the Vainglory section.
Local sponsors such as Yahoo and Informatics set up engaging booths to entertain viewers between games, interview players, as well as provide information to onlookers. MyRepublic and Zowie provided support for the event to run smoothly.


Predator’s laptops were front and featured at player booths, and Secretlab chairs were provided for all players and casters, to their delight.
WESG Organizers, partners, and sponsors including Alisports, Agri Mind, AirAsia, CharterPrime, Mogu, Beyond, Nvidia, Beyond, HeloMills, and MDEC were present as well on buntings and booth banners.


Crowds flocked to the WESG SEA Esports Arena to cheer on their favourite teams as they battled each other for the coveted spot to represent Singapore in the upcoming SEA Grand Finals.
Even notable audience members like iceiceice showed up, to cheer on his friends and fellow Dota2 players.


Congratulations to the winners of the Singapore National Qualifiers:  


Dota2: Resurgence


CS:GO: Vindicta


CS:GO Women’s: Asterisk* (currently Phoenix)


Starcraft II: Lobo


Hearthstone: Sequinox


Hearthstone Women’s: Wolfsbanee


Vainglory: Impunity


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