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WESG SEA Official Strategic Partner – HeloMills

POSTED BY admin August 29, 2018

HeloMills as Agri Mind Strategic Partner for WESG SEA 2018

We are pleased to announce HeloMills as Agri Mind’s Strategic Partner for World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) South East Asia 2018.

To date, WESG SEA 2018 has a total prize pool of $5.5 Million dollars and is an event which will capture the attention of esports enthusiasts all around the world. Our organization Agri Mind, appointed by Alisports to organize WESG for the South East Asia region, believes in the importance of having a technology company as a partner to maximize enjoyment and focus on providing the best experience for players and audience alike.

HeloMills, specifically HeloLED, a cooperation that successfully established as a manufacture for LED components in the 1997. HeloLED started to manufacturer LED video screens since 2001. HeloLED is one of the leading LED specialists in Asia, offering a wide range of LED display products and innovative solutions in both visual and digital display.

Agri Mind understands that the interests of gamers and viewers differ from country to country, therefore by having an accomplished organization such as HeloLED being a part of our ranks will greatly enhance the enjoyment of the event for all involved parties in WESG. This collaboration will ensure success on our viewers and gamers to be exposed to the full esports competition experience. Our focus is to maximize the optimal level of esports experience and having a crystal clear image on the digital board while competing throughout the competition in all events.

The World Electronic Sports Games is an Olympic-inspired event for gamers all over the world to compete against one and another. As always, WESG strongly encourage players to play for your passion, and fight for your nation.

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