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WESG SEA – Registration Extend

POSTED BY admin July 28, 2018


The World Electronic Sports Game (WESG) Southeast Asian committee have decided to extend the registration date for all countries in order to allow players more time to prepare for the largest inter-nation esports tournament of the year.

After a lengthy discussion with the local partners of WESG SEA, it was unanimously agreed that the registration dates for the tournament will be extended for all national qualifiers. This decision was made as the committee believes that since WESG is an extremely important competition to every esports player, it would only be fair to provide these players the optimal amount of time to prepare for a phenomenon that could be the competition of their lives.

Most countries will have their national qualifiers registration deadline move to 31st August 2018. However, some countries have already locked down event space for their respective offline finals and will not be extending the registration dates for their national qualifiers.

The WESG SEA organising committee stresses that tournament experience is the most important thing for them and ensuring players have an enjoyment experience throughout their participation in the tournament. Below you could find the registration closing date for all countries. For more information, you can contact us at

Country Registration Closing Date

Brunei – 26th August 2018
Cambodia – 31st August 2018
Indonesia – 31st August 2018
Laos – 31st August 2018
Malaysia – 31st August 2018
Myanmar – 31st August 2018
Philippines – 12th August 2018
Singapore – 19th August 2018
Thailand – 31st August 2018
Vietnam – 31st August 2018

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